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In the book of mice and men by: john steinbeck

14. what details does george provide about his and lennie’s childhood? why does george still continue to look after lennie?

15. why do george and lennie want to have their own farm?

16. what does curley’s wife reveal about her youthful hopes and dreams? how do these hopes and dreams compare with the actual circumstances of her adult life?

17. how does the incident in the barn echo other incidents in lennie’s life?

18. throughout the novel, the reader never learns curley’s wife’s name. why do you think john steinbeck made this choice as an author?

19. describe the moments immediately before lennie’s death. what is the purpose of george’s conversation with lennie in these final moments?

20. why does slim tell george, "you hadda. i swear you hadda"? do you agree? why or why not?

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In the book of mice and men by: john steinbeck

14. what details does george provide abo...

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