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If 3 2/3 inches of string is cut from a piece that is 5 3/5 inches long, how much is left?

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Vinay constructed this spinner based on the population of teachers at his school according to vinays model what is the probability that he will have a male history teacher two years in a row
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Need ! the total ticket sales for a high school basketball game were $2,260. the ticket price for students were $2.25 less than the adult ticket price. the number of adult tickets sold was 230, and the number of student tickets sold was 180. what was the price of an adult ticket?
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Design an er diagram for keeping track of information about votes taken in the u. s. house of representatives during the current two-year congressional session. the database needs to keep track of each u. s. state's name (e. g., texas', new york', california') and include the region of the state (whose domain is {northeast', midwest', southeast', southwest', west'}). each congress person in the house of representatives is described by his or her name, plus the district represented, the start date when the congressperson was first elected, and the political party to which he or she belongs (whose domain is {republican', democrat', 'independent', other'}). the database keeps track of each bill (i. e., proposed law), including the bill name, the date of vote on the bill, whether the bill passed or failed (whose domain is {yes', no'}), and the sponsor (the congressperson(s) who sponsored - that is, proposed - the bill). the database also keeps track of how each congressperson voted on each bill (domain of vote attribute is {yes', no', abstain', absent'}). additional information:
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Which account has the highest effective annual interest rate? not necessary but show how you got your answer. a. account 1: interest is compounded quarterly at an annual rate of 4.20%.b. account 2: interest is compounded monthly at an annual rate of 4.15%.c. account 3: interest is compounded semiannually at an annual rate of 4.10%d. account 4: interest is compounded annually at a rate of 4.25%.
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If 3 2/3 inches of string is cut from a piece that is 5 3/5 inches long, how much is left?...

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