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Un Auto de carreras que parte del reposo alcanza una velocidad de 216 km/h en 10 s. Calcula su aceleración.

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Why is metal often used for cooking pan?
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The atoms in a nickel crystal vibrate as harmonic oscillators with an angular frequency of 2.3 × 1013 rad/s. the mass of a nickel atom is 9.75 × 10-26 kg. what is the difference in energy between adjacent vibrational energy levels of nickel? (h = 6.626 × 10-34 j • s, , 1 ev = 1.60 × 10-19 j)
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Air enters a gas turbine with two stages of compression and two stages of expansion at 100 kpa and 17°c. this system uses a regenerator as well as reheating and intercooling – the intercooler returns the air to the inlet temperature. the pressure ratio across each compressor is 4 ; 300 kj/kg of heat are added to the air in each combustion chamber; and the regenerator operates perfectly while increasing the temperature of the cold air by 20°c. determine the system’s thermal efficiency. assume isentropic operations for all compressor and the turbine stages and use constant specific heats at room temperature. (0.378)
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A10-kg piece of aluminum sits at the bottom of a lake, right next to a 10-kg piece of lead, which is much denser than aluminum. which one has the greater buoyant force on it? explain. b - the aluminum a) both have the same buoyant force. b) the aluminum c) the lead d) it cannot be determined without knowing their volumes.
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Un Auto de carreras que parte del reposo alcanza una velocidad de 216 km/h en 10 s. Calcula su acele...

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